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Windsor Flying Club!

Flight Training

Learn to fly here!

Social Group

With a membership of over 250 people, it’s a great place to come hang out and discuss aviation, or take part in one of our many events

Non-Profit Organization

We pride ourselves on giving our members the best price around

Scenic Flights

Take a scenic flight around the Windsor area and get a different perspective on your world! You’ll be able to see all of Windsor, the impressive Detroit skyline like you’ve never seen before.

Introductory Flight

Basic Intro Flights are great for someone interested in aviation or flight training and wants to see if the flying experience is for them. The time spent up in the air can be logged in the person’s log book if they decide to take up training!

Flight Training

Whether your goal is recreational flying, or launching a career in aviation, you’ve come to the right place because we make flight training easy and fun. There are challenges, of course, but each is a manageable step, a gradual progression that allows you to expand your knowledge and skills at your own pace.

Charter Flights

We have charters are available to any Canadian destination. Rates and charges per mile and per hour! We also offer direct service to Pelee Island, Leamington at affordable rates!

WFC Introduction Video


CYQG 230000Z 26017G24KT 9SM 27/12 A2974 RMK SLP070 DENSITY ALT 2300FT
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Unit 105, 2600 Airport Rd.
Windsor, ON, N8V 1A1
Phone 519-969-1320
Fax 519-969-1322
Email: [email protected]